Ledervin Indústria e Comércio Ltda was founded in 1950 in the neighborhood of Ipiranga São Paulo, from a small factory, Serrano, focused on the production of fabrics for tapestry.

Serrano evolved into the J. Serrano Group, consisting of three units with more than 230,000 m² of constructed area in the cities of Sumaré, Osasco and Vargem Grande Paulista, all located in the State of São Paulo.

The growth of the J. Serrano Group and the demand for raw materials resulted in the purchase of Fairway's 2 (two) factories in 1999, which was vertically integrated in the production process of Polyester and Polyamide 6.0, thus resulting in Ledervin, from consumer to supplier of Textile and Industrial Filaments.

Ledervin then went through a process of diversification and verticalization, taking its products for daily consumer use and in various industrial applications. Already in the early years, it invested heavily in the expansion and modernization of its "Texturized" and High Tenacity Textile filament lines.

In October 2011 a major restructuring took place in the company, the corporate name LEDERVIN INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO LTDA was changed to TORK INDUSTRY AND TRADE OF WIRES AND FABRICS OF HIGH PERFORMANCE LTDA.

In this new restructuring Tork closed the activities of the line of Textured yarns.

Currently Tork is one of the largest, most complete and modern Textile Industry in Latin America, maintaining the continuous commitment to improve its processes, professionals and facilities, in accordance with the principles established in the Quality Policy.