Polyester monofilaments have a wide range of applications due to their mechanical and thermal properties. It can also be stabilized chemically, improving its characteristics for certain applications.

Mining filtration in general (press and rotary)

Powder filtration in general - mango filter (pharmaceutical, iron, fertilizers, etc.)

Filtration of oils and fats

Automotive Filtration (Gas Filters)

PMC - Paper Machine Forming Screen

PMC - Paper Drying Machine

PMC - Drainage Screen and Cellulose

PMC - Shortening Shirt

Reinforcing Fabric for Conveyor Belts

Decorative and textile ribbons

Interlinings of caps and confections

Curtain Fabric

Reinforcing Fabric for Conveyor Belts

Seat belt

Tapes Demarcation

Sewing Thread of Carpet Debrum

Fabrics reinforced for Articulated Sanfones

Footwear Fabrics for Breathing

Fabrics for protection Viteiras

Reinforced Fabrics for Bags and Containment Boxes

Fabrics for domestic screens

Braided protective automotive hoses


Sewing Thread

PMC - Felt Paper Machine Press

PMC - Paper Machine Forming Screen

Filtration - chemistry, mining, dewatering, etc.

Rotary filter belts - food industry

Wire for mowing and lawn mowing

Automotive hoses protection braids

Fabrics for vibrating sieves of flour and grain

Ribbons and cords for the shoe industry

Decorative tapes and textiles


PMC - Dryer Screen (Flat and Spiral)

Screens for Vibratory Screens and Rotavias sector sugar and grains (Replaces stainless steel screens)


Filtration - filter press and rotary in mining in general

Filtration of effluents, pigments and chemicals in general

Fitration food sector and breweries

Rubber separating fabrics - Linner

Fabrics for domestic screens

Air Conditioning Filtration Screens